Here are the basic rules to follow when submitting your entry for Print Poetry:

All entries should be in English

You must be following @CerovskiPB, @BunchDesign and @hyperactiveco
on Twitter.

The slogan should rhyme and the rhyme needs to be print-related.

You need to include the hashtag #PrintPoetry, the image of your bag mock-up and the link to the website when you tweet your entry.

Each entry should have a minimum of 4 words, across a minimum of 4 lines with a limit of 48 characters.

You can submit as many entries as
you like.

There will be 5 winners and 5

The winners will be chosen by
the judges.

Runners-up will be picked at random from those who are following @BunchDesign and @CerovskiPB on Twitter and share entries with the pre-defined tweet from the gallery.

When sharing another entry, your tweet must include the image of the mock-up, the link to the website, the #PrintPoetry hashtag and mention the rhyme number of the entry
you're sharing.

The runners-up will be eligible for a secondary prize.

The competition will run from 18th September – 29th September.

The winners will be announced on
1st October.


Jenny Theolin

With over a decade of experience within the creative industries, Jenny Theolin is a multi-award winning creative director who specialises in branding and event marketing. Jenny curates and hosts many of her own events — most recently, the very successful Comic Sans For Cancer event in London.

Dave Brown

As well as running his own design agency, APE, Dave Brown is also a photographer, writer, director, DJ and performer. He is perhaps best known for his work with The Mighty Boosh, most famously for his role as ‘Bollo’
the gorilla.


Each of the winners will win 5 tote bags with their own winning rhyme and the other 4 winning rhymes on the
other ones.

The runners-up will win 1 tote bag with the rhyme of their choice on it.


Designed by Bunch

Developed by Hyperactive